31/31 Day 6 "Powers of the Air" by J.D. Beresford

J.D. Beresford grew up the son of a clergyman in Cambridgeshire. Partially disabled by polio, he trained to become an architect, before embarking on a career as a pioneer in science fiction and horror. He authored the Hampdenshire Wonder (available at project Gutenberg), one of the first novels to explore the interior life of a superhuman, a late Edwardian Jimmy Corrigan.

This story “Powers of the Air” has a puzzling, contemporary feel despite its 1918 publication date. It’s less about character than atmosphere, but whereas many ghost stories set near the coast draw our focus on something glowy and shiny “out there,” Beresford draws our attention to the more unsettling darkness of the ocean at night. This one has been made available from Horror Masters in pdf.