31/31 Day 3: Keeping his Promise & The Confession by Algernon Blackwood

For the faint of heart, “Keeping his Promise” is more school boy love story than terrifying, a nice dose of English comfort food, complete with hefty servings of tea and scones. A young man, reading for his exams in a room overlooking a quiet Edinburgh street hears a knock at his door, and being “nervous” he answers it, while other men “would simply have muffled the bell and gone on quietly with their work.”

As in so many of these stories, there are undertones, the author or the character himself always reassuring us of his normalcy. “Marriot was in every sense an ordinary man.

As a bonus, here is an old time radio adaptation of Blackwood’s story, “The Confession” from Vintage Horror Radio. Several of his stories have been adapted for radio and are well worth seeking out.